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Welcome to our SPARTAN CHALLENGES! Each week you will find a video where I outline the guidelines of the challenge. Film your best try, post it to social media (tag: @SpartanLacrosseAcademy) and/or send it to by Saturday to win a prize! All participants will have a chance to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook profiles and the winner will be announced on Sunday. Please be mindful of the COVID-19 guidelines. our goal is keeping the kids active and engaged with their sticks in their hand, but within the boundaries outlined by the regulations in place.  Be Creative and Have Fun!


REMINDER: if you are sending a video, you are also giving consent to post it to our website and to social media, unless advised otherwise.


Enter your challenge video each week. Your complete body of work will be judged and the overall winner will receive our grand price: an Epoch Limited Edition Custom Georgia Swarm Lacrosse Shaft!!!



In the past few weeks I realized how much I miss face-to-face coaching. Starting on Sunday April 26th I would like to set up periodic Facebook Live Call where anyone who is part of our Spartan Family can participate. This will be a great chance to say hello to everyone, go over the videos sent in during the week, announce the winner and talk about some things that may help us stay active and busy doing this quarantine. If you have any other questions during the call, write them in the chat box and I will get to them!

Week 1 Challenge: WALL BALL!

Find a ball, find a stick, find a wall and be creative!

Winner: Owen Donkers

Week 2 Challenge: LADDER DRILL!

Any type of ladder agility drill! Use chalk. tape, books...whatever you can find! Be Creative!

Winner: Kalai Haley

Week 3 Challenge: AT HOME WORKOUT!

Grab whatever you can kind at home, be creative and video tape your exercise! 

Winner: Sullivan Lopes

Week 4 Challenge: TRICK SHOT!

Pick up your stick and an object of your choice. Record yourself making a shot and send it over!

Winner: Jack McGlenister

Week 5 Challenge: Spartan Logo Design

Design your Own Spartan Logo!! Get some paper, get your crayons and get creative!

Winner: Lepoudre Family


Week 6 & FINAL Challenge: Spartan Workout

Get Busy! Stay Active! Send in a vid of you crushing this workout!!

Winner: Stephen West

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